Apply to Host WordCamp Europe 2018

So you want to host WordCamp Europe? That's great! First of all thank you for taking the time to think things through and gather all the information needed.
The local team for WordCamp Europe has one of the most important roles and embarking onto that journey is a decision you need to make as a team.

Here's some of the information you will need to provide:

1. The names and information of all of your co-organisers
2. Information about your location, including:
- average hotel costs for a budget, mid-range, and top-level hotels
- hotel/hostel availability in your location (we need to be able to host at least 3000 people for the conference)
- flight costs from London, Barcelona, Belgrade, Stockholm, and Budapest. This helps to give us an idea of the flight costs for attendees from different parts of Europe
3 - 5. Venue information
There is space to propose 3 different venues. Each venue requires:
- a budget
- room capacities
- dates available
- catering options
6. Contributor day information, including:
- venue
- wifi information
- catering options
7. any other information you want to add.

We would love to help you prepare your applications. If you don't already have a mentor from the current WordCamp Europe organising team, please read this post and get in touch before you fill out this survey.

Thank you!